To assist pupils acquire best academic knowledge, spiritual wisdom and a positive approach to life by providing best academic tuition, facilities and spiritual wealth, to enable them set their goals in life.


To be among the leading providers of good quality education.



Academy: Knowledge is Power



Acacia Crest Pre-School

Acacia Crest Pre-school, best pre- school in Kajiado,  provide a conducive learning environment and care that ensure that learning experience is beneficial which foster proper growth and development.

Acacia Crest Academy

Slow Learner? Don’t worry A lot of individualized tuition is offered to the slow learners during the free time at no extra cost, to ensure all our students achieve good grades and receive a better education..

Acacia Crest Senior School


Come and Enjoy an opportunity to develop and pursue interests & skills in &beyond the classroom based on the impressive & dynamic range of subjects offered at Acacia Crest Senior School